Galio C. Gurdián CCARC
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Galio C. Gurdián CCARC

Dr. Galio Gurdián


Galio Gurdián is researcher and information manager for the BUILD support effort for Indigenous Peoples, Afro-Descendants, and Traditional Communities.


He has lifelong experience and expertise on sustainable human development, emergency prevention and risk management, land tenure, multiculturality, ethnicity, and national policies on Indigenous


Peoples and Afro-descendents in Central America. Dr. Gurdián is a founder and former director and associate researcher at the Center for Research and Documentation of the Atlantic Coast (CIDCA) in Nicaragua.


In the 1980s, he was a founding member of Nicaragua’s National Autonomy Commission (CNA), which promoted the consultation, discussion and enactment of the Autonomy Law for the Indigenous Peoples and Afro-descendents of Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast. Dr. Gurdián is a social anthropologist with a PhD from the University of Texan in Austin.


He has coordinated many projects of multilateral organizations and worked as coordinator or consultant for multilateral institutions and many international NGOs. He is currently a Board member of several national NGOs.

Apiculture, sustainable agriculture using the biointensive method, music, history, information and taking long walks are basic needs for Dr. Gurdián.