Rony Leonidas Castillo Güity CCARC
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Rony Leonidas Castillo Güity CCARC

Dr. Rony Leonidas Castillo Güity


Rony Leonidas Castillo Güity, is an activist scholar Garifuna, born in the community of Iriona Viejo, Iriona, Colón. He is currently completing a second doctorate at the University of Texas at Austin in Latin American Studies with emphasis on Sociolinguistics, Education and the African Diaspora.


His dissertation is about Territorial and Educational Autonomy, which includes the creation of the Garifuna University as an autonomous model based on coconut production in the community of Vallecito, Colón.


He is the current president of the National Garifuna Education Council (CONEGA). He was Coordinator of the Bilingual Education Program of the Secretary of Education in Honduras (PRONEEAAH) and Advisor to the Minister of Education of Honduras from 2012 to 2014.


His interest and research center around Human Rights, Territorial Autonomy, Linguistic Ideology, Ethnolinguistics and Garifuna Identity, Education in vulnerable groups, Indigeneity and Blackness.


He earned his B.A. in Philosophy from Seminario Mayor de Tegucigalpa in 2002 and his first Ph.D with honors in Administrative Sciences from the Catholic University of Honduras in 2010.


In recent months he has published an article in an international magazine (English and Spanish). Leave or Die: Neoextractivism and the Garifuna experience in Honduras.